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Education & Literacy 

The phrase "the more you know, the more you grow" sums up why AZIF is committed to educating people in all aspects of life. We want the Black and African-American community to be equipped physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Books On Top Phoenix

The mission of Books on Top Phoenix Project is to provide young people the opportunity to excel in entrepreneurship by fostering leadership and providing practical economic and educational programs. The project goal is to serve as a foundation and provide the opportunity for youth of low income communities to achieve economic empowerment.

  • Discover the advantages of economic empowerment thorough entrepreneurship

  • Learn the fundamentals of developing and operating a business

  • Develop self-discipline through time management and goal setting

  • Create a business plan; and learn how register a business

  • Promote self-esteem and personal accomplishment through continued education

  • Prepare for traditional career opportunities

More specifically, BTPP focuses on leadership training and personal development. Participants will engage in interactive sessions with experts form the business world to explore various aspects of entrepreneurship and learn innovative strategies to grow their business ideas or career. Participation in round table discussion groups is designed to share their educational and career development. During the sessions teenagers will learn about managing money, business development while increasing financial literacy in general.

The project provides an opportunity for teens to learn how to develop an idea into a successful business venture – complete with a business plan. BTPP focuses on pride, self esteem, a sense of achievement and leadership. With BTPP, youth participants learn real world business skills; team building, financial and money management, verbal communication skills and business etiquette.

Back To School / Stay In School

AZIF has supported the NAACP Back To School / Stay In School project in its aim to enhance student success by reducing the absenteeism and dropout rate, by providing a higher level of academic and cultural enrichment, by increasing the parental involvement and by improving overall perceptions about public schools.

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